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"Hands down the best place I’ve ever been for any kind of physical therapy. The staff have been amazing. They are kind, understanding and very professional. Keep up the good work guys!"
Dec 07, 2023
"The service provided was not what I expected. I have started physical therapy programs before and have not completed the sessions due to lack of interest or the therapists not being as engaged and attentive. This was not the case at Alpha Physical Therapy. This is the reason I stayed and completed the program, Ryan and the staff were great and accommodated my needs since I was driving from Algiers point on most days. I felt great improvements overall and will continue the work you all taught me. Thank you all for helping me and what you do for others. "
Nov 28, 2023
"Before I came to Alhpa Physical Therapy I was in constant pain in my knees. I could barely sit without pain let alone walk up a flight of stairs. Iwas was shopping for canes before My Medical Doctor referred me to DR. Ryan. After an initial exam he mapped out a exercise routine. It was very painful for me and I was reluctant to continue. Though after each session there was improvement. Twice a week about 45mins to an hour each. The staff are professional and very attentive. My treatment was tailored to fit my situation and I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Ryan. There is no pain and I am almost back to doing the things I like to do, pin free. I can assure you if you listen to Dr. Ryan and his staffs recommendations, you'll be well improved. Awesome folks!"
Oct 11, 2023
"I have been Alpha for PT a few different times. Have always had the best treatment and follow-up. Everyone there is very professional and friendly. They truly care about their patients and their needs. Would highly recommend Ryan and the entire staff at Alpha."
Apr 23, 2023
"Ryan Spano eliminated a development from a breast cancer lumpectomy 5 years ago. There were cords in my arm pit going down to my elbow. Through 3 months of weekly PT and me executing prescribed home exercises, cords gone and haven’t returned in last 3 months. Ryan is very dedicated and thoughtful. I would gladly return to him for any future PT. Wishing Ryan and his polite staff great success!"
Jan 15, 2023
Jan 05, 2023